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Rome view from above

Silvio Negro, a famous Italian journalist, said: "Rome, a lifetime is not enough", a concept that deeply expresses a quite spread thought. In fact, the huge size of Rome and its magnificent historical, artistic and cultural heritage makes it hard to fully and deeply comprehend this amazing city. That’s why you need to see Rome from above, from its historic panoramic viewpoints, so to have a first glance of the city, a summary image to better understand it. The skyline of Rome from Aventine Hill and from the Orange Garden or from the Terrazza del Pincio is undoubtedly impressive and fascinating; it provides multiple views of the River Tiber, of the domes, the bell towers, the squares and the alleys of the neighborhoods below.

basilica di san pietro

But the ultimate exciting sight is most likely that of the Dome of St. Peter's (Cupola di San Pietro), that provides an insight into all the development phases of the Capital urban architecture. The terrace of another important and impressive monument, the Altar of the Fatherland or Vittoriano, is the best viewpoint on the historic center of Rome, overlooking the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, the Quirinal and the Interior Ministry, and finally the districts of the old Campo Marzio. From the terrace of the Palatine you can enjoy the most delightful panoramic view of the complex of the Imperial Forums, the Campidoglio, the Campitelli district and the historic Monti district as a backdrop. From the beautiful promenade of the Janiculum and from Piazzale Garibaldi you can admire the most classic view of the papal city, with a stunning glance of the monumental Basilica of San Pietro and Villa Doria Pamphili, surrounding the Monteverde district with its vegetation. From the Campidoglio you can enjoy a similar view to the one already seen from the Palatine and the Altar of the Fatherland. Finally there are viewpoints related to very popular places, such as the astronomical observatory located in Monte Mario, between the Acqua Acetosa and Villa Glori, that opens toward the Tiber Valley. Admiring Rome from above is a clever attempt to get to know the immense architectural and archaeological heritage of the city, trying to grasp with different interpretations its great beauty.

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